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Many of Silatech’s Qatar-related initiatives are run through the Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development, and are not listed here.

For more information about the Bedaya Center, it’s mission and activities, click here.

Silatech and Bedaya partner with a large number of local NGOs, schools and universities, government offices, corporations and media on a wide variety of Qatar-focused projects. If your organization is interested in working with Silatech in Qatar, contact us directly.

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Project Name: SILA Angel Investment Network

Inception date: October 2012

Current status: Operational

Expected outcomes: This regional angel investment network is expected to mobilize investment opportunities, contributing to the knowledge economy sector of Qatar and spurring interest in and awareness of the angel investment model. Upon successful implementation of the pilot in Qatar, the network will be upscaled to the regional level.

Partner(s): Enterprise Qatar (EQ), Qatar Development Bank (QDB), Bedaya Center (Founding Partners); Qatar Foundation (Knowledge Partner)

Countries covered: Qatar, regional (after pilot)

Description: The SILA Angel Investment Network is an initiative that aims to match entrepreneurs from across the MENA region with “business angels” to provide them with startup and growth capital. The program also includes various educational and awareness programs for entrepreneurs and prospective business angels.

Project Name: Qatar Ta3mal

Inception date: April 2012

Current status: Launched in April 2012 as in Egypt. As of September 2013, the portal had over 5000 registered users across the region.

Expected outcomes: 10,000 young people provided employability support by end of 2013

Regional Partner(s): Microsoft

Country Partner(s): Bedaya Center (Qatar), Microsoft (Egypt), Edupartage (Tunisia), Foras (Iraq)

Countries covered: Regional; specialized portals for Egypt, Qatar, Iraq and Tunisia

Description: The region's first employability portal, Ta3mal helps Arab youth and job seekers find support to transition into the world of work. Ta3mal is available in Arabic, English and French, and provides resources ranging from online career guidance, e-learning, employability and entrepreneurship training, to specific work experience and job opportunities. Local partners provide specialized content and access to services appropriate for selected countries.

Project Name: Tamheed

Inception date: September 2010

Current status: Launched April 2011. As of October 2013, over 200 advisors are delivering services in 50 centers.

Expected outcomes: 100 centers providing career advice to 10,000+ young people by mid-2014

Regional Partner(s): Mindmill, Bright Language

Country Partner(s): Microsoft, Ministry of Youth (Egypt); Bedaya Center, Qatar University, Community College of Qatar (Qatar); Edupartage (Tunisia); Anapec (Morocco); International Youth Foundation (Palestine)

Countries covered: Qatar, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Regional

Description: Tamheed delivers quality career advice and placement support services to be available scale. It provides youth-serving organizations (YSOs) with a complete toolkit for setting up a sustainable career advising practice. This includes highly predictive and user-friendly psychometric assessments from UK-based Mindmill delivered online in Arabic, English and French, the results of which can be used for both advice guidance and screening; advisor training and automated reports; language assessments from Bright Language; and, a framework for career advising that creates an action plan towards career success. Tamheed career guidance services are provided in physical career centers, as well as online. Tamheed is also integrated into Silatech’s and Microsoft's online employability portals (such as Tamheed’s psychometric assessments are also used by employers and training institutions to support the screening and selection of candidates, helping match candidates with the best-fit opportunities, while supporting the overall sustainability of the initiative.

Project Name: Arab Mobile Apps Challenge (AMAC)

Inception date: September 2013

Current status: Ongoing

Expected outcomes: Applied Innovation Institute, Ooredoo

Partner(s): Mindmill, Bright Language

Countries covered: Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan

Description: The AMAC engages young potential entrepreneurs in the development of mobile apps in the fields of education, healthcare, entertainment and employability. Emphasis is on developing innovative ideas and transforming these ideas into sustainable business models.