Silatech In Morocco

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Main Project Partners:

MarocInvest, Al Barid Bank, GIZ, Sanabel, Attawfiq, Anapec, Fors@, Mindmill, Bright Language, IYF, Ministry of Tourism, Centre Mohammed VI for Microfinance, Jaida

Contact: Mariam Guyer,

Project Name: MarocInvest PME Croissance Fund

Inception date: March 2013

Current status: Implementation phase

Expected outcomes: The creation of more than 5,000 job opportunities over 10 years, through the SMEs that the fund will finance and support

Partner(s): MarocInvest

Countries covered: Morocco

Description: This is a country level fund, with Silatech acting as a co-investor along with other public and private co-investors. The fund will invest equity and quasi-equity in SMEs established in Morocco that have innovative business models or provide innovative products and services.

Project Name: Morocco Youth Savings Initiative

Inception date: May 2012

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: 30,000 youth influenced through social marketing, at least 30,000 youth provided with financial literacy, at least 20,000 provided with savings accounts over 2 years

Partner(s): Al Barid Bank, GIZ, Sanabel, Centre Mohammed VI for Microfinance

Countries covered: Morocco

Description: Provision of dedicated youth savings accounts combined with financial literacy to increase financial access for low-income youth

Project Name: Youth Loan Project (Boudour)

Inception date: May 2012

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: 10,000 loans provided to young microentrepreneurs over 24 months

Partner(s): Attawfiq (formerly known as Fondation Banque Populaire de Microcrédit)

Countries covered: Morocco

Description: Provision of technical assistance to support Attawfiq in providing youth financial services, including the launched of a dedicated youth loan product

Project Name: Anapec Capacity Building

Inception date: May 2011

Current status: Ongoing

Expected outcomes: Career guidance and placement support to 5000 young people by mid-2014

Partner(s): Anapec, Mindmill, Bright Language

Countries covered: Morocco

Description: Silatech is helping Morocco's public sector employment agency, Anapec, provide unemployed Moroccan youth with training and job opportunities. Through its Tamheed initiative, Silatech has helped Anapec develop screening processes for candidates and provided tools and training for language, psychometric and aptitude assessments.

Project Name: Emploi Habilite

Inception date: May 2010

Current status: Initial pilot completed; scale-up launched in mid-2013

Expected outcomes: In pilot, 400 young people from disadvantaged communities trained and connected to jobs in the hospitality sector. Scale up embeds the model within public sector institutions to create long-term sustainability with a target of 900 young people over two years.

Partner(s): IYF, Ministry of Tourism

Countries covered: Morocco

Description: Program aims to equip disadvantaged youth in Morocco with technical and life skills and place them in tourism sector jobs. Implemented in Tetouan/Tangiers by the Sedraoui Foundation, and in Casablanca by CFA Jaber Ibnou Hayane. 98 Employers have participated in the program, offering internships and job opportunities to trained youth. Scale up will build public sector capacity to offer training, reducing costs and enabling sustainability.

Project Name: Fors@ Enterprise Challenge

Inception date: April 2013

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: 7,000 youth engaged through outreach activities, 50 business plans received, 12 youth-run businesses incubated and financed.

Partner(s): Fors@

Countries covered: Morocco

Description: Competition and support vehicle for high impact aspiring young entrepreneurs committed to turn their social innovative ideas into local social enterprises delivering sustainable and scalable solutions addressing their communities most pressing issues.

Project Name: Tamheed

Inception date: September 2010

Current status: Launched April 2011. As of March 2014, close to 300 advisors are delivering services in 88 centers.

Expected outcomes: 115 centers providing career advice to 14,000+ young people by mid-2014

Regional Partner(s): Mindmill, Bright Language

Country Partner(s): Microsoft, Ministry of Youth, Nahdet El Mahrousa (Egypt); Bedaya Center, Qatar University, College of the North Atlantic, Community College of Qatar (Qatar); Edupartage (Tunisia); Anapec (Morocco); International Youth Foundation (Palestine); World Learning (Algeria); Glowork (Saudi Arabia); Tamweelcom (Jordan)

Countries covered: Qatar, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Regional

Description: Tamheed delivers quality career advice and placement support services to be available scale. It provides youth-serving organizations (YSOs) with a complete toolkit for setting up a sustainable career advising practice. This includes highly predictive and user-friendly psychometric assessments from UK-based Mindmill delivered online in Arabic, English and French, the results of which can be used for both advice guidance and screening; advisor training and automated reports; language assessments from Bright Language; and, a framework for career advising that creates an action plan towards career success. Tamheed career guidance services are provided in physical career centers, as well as online. Tamheed is also integrated into Silatech’s and Microsoft's online employability portals Tamheed’s psychometric assessments are also used by employers and training institutions to support the screening and selection of candidates, helping match candidates with the best-fit opportunities.

Project Name: Youth Micro Apex with Jaida

Inception date: June 2013

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: Provision of dedicated youth financing via 2-3 MFIs

Partner(s): Jaida, AFIF, FNAM

Countries covered: Morocco

Description: Design and Launching of Youth Financing Facility (BDS, Technical Assistance, Loan Capital) within Jaida