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Main Project Partners:

Ibdaa, Arab Open University, Kiva, other microfinance institutions

Contact: info@silatech.com

Project Name: Kiva Arab Youth

Inception date: March 2012

Current status: Active 

Expected outcomes: Approximately 1,700 youth enterprises supported, $2 million of funding mobilized over 12 months.

Partner(s): Kiva, 9 microfinance institutions in MENA

Countries covered: Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq

Description: Peer-to-peer lending channel on Kiva.org to support young Arab entrepreneurs

Project Name: Technical Assistance to Ibdaa Microfinance

Inception date: June 2013

Current status: Under development

Expected outcomes: 1500 young entrepreneurs provided with integrated support services

Partner(s): Ibdaa, Arab Open University

Countries covered: Lebanon

Description: Silatech is supporting the development of an integrated, comprehensive entrepreneur support system (awareness, curriculum, training, access to finance, etc.) at Arab Open University.