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Main Project Partners:

Microsoft, GIZ, Sanabel, Alexandria Business Association (ABA), Mowgli Foundation UK, Social Fund for Development, Egyptian Banking Institute, other financial institutions, Economic Research Forum (ERF), Yomken, Plan Egypt / Plan Canada, Making Cents International, IFAD

Contact: Amr El-Abd,

Project Name: Ta3mal

Inception date: April 2012

Current status: Launched in April 2012 as in Egypt. As of March 2014, the portal had over 61,000 registered users across the region.

Expected outcomes: 250,000 young people registered and accessing employability support by end of April 2015

Regional Partner(s): Microsoft

Country Partner(s): Bedaya Center (Qatar), Microsoft (Egypt), Edupartage (Tunisia), Foras (Iraq), World Learning (Algeria)

Countries covered: Regional; specialized portals for Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, Algeria and Tunisia

Description: The region's first employability portal, Ta3mal helps Arab youth and job seekers find support to transition into the world of work. Ta3mal is available in Arabic, English and French, and provides resources ranging from online career guidance, e-learning, employability and entrepreneurship training, to specific work experience and job opportunities. Local partners provide specialized content and access to services appropriate for selected countries.

In coming years, Silatech and Microsoft will launch Ta3mal in additional countries, bringing together the diverse range of interventions and support available through public, private and civil society initiatives.

Project Name: Tamheed

Inception date: September 2010

Current status: Launched April 2011. As of March 2014, close to 300 advisors are delivering services in 88 centers.

Expected outcomes: 115 centers providing career advice to 14,000+ young people by mid-2014

Regional Partner(s): Mindmill, Bright Language

Country Partner(s): Microsoft, Ministry of Youth, Nahdet El Mahrousa (Egypt); Bedaya Center, Qatar University, College of the North Atlantic, Community College of Qatar (Qatar); Edupartage (Tunisia); Anapec (Morocco); International Youth Foundation (Palestine); World Learning (Algeria); Glowork (Saudi Arabia); Tamweelcom (Jordan)

Countries covered: Qatar, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Regional

Description: Tamheed delivers quality career advice and placement support services to be available scale. It provides youth-serving organizations (YSOs) with a complete toolkit for setting up a sustainable career advising practice. This includes highly predictive and user-friendly psychometric assessments from UK-based Mindmill delivered online in Arabic, English and French, the results of which can be used for both advice guidance and screening; advisor training and automated reports; language assessments from Bright Language; and, a framework for career advising that creates an action plan towards career success. Tamheed career guidance services are provided in physical career centers, as well as online. Tamheed is also integrated into Silatech’s and Microsoft's online employability portals Tamheed’s psychometric assessments are also used by employers and training institutions to support the screening and selection of candidates, helping match candidates with the best-fit opportunities.

Project Name: Youth Enterprise Growth Initiative

Inception date: March 2012

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: 1000 youth businesses supported to grow from micro to small over 2 years

Partner(s): Alexandria Business Association (ABA), Mowgli Foundation UK

Countries covered: Egypt

Description: Provision of package of non-financial services (training, mentorship and access to finance) to support the growth of micro enterprises run by high potential youth clients of ABA.

Project Name: Egypt Youth Savings Initiative

Inception date: September 2013

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: 20,000 youth influenced through social marketing, at least 20,000 youth provided with financial literacy, at least 20,000 provided with savings accounts over 2 years 

Partner(s): GIZ, Sanabel, National Bank of Egypt, Egyptian Banking Institute.

Countries covered: Egypt

Description: Provision of dedicated youth savings accounts combined with financial literacy to increase financial access for low-income youth. This project is one component of a larger regional youth savings initiative conducted in partnership with other local and regional partners.

Project Name: Village RoSCAs for Community Savings and Borrowing

Inception date: July 2013

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: 3000 beneficiaries of financial literacy training

Partner(s): Economic Research Forum (ERF), Egyptian Banking Institute

Countries covered: Egypt

Description: This is a research project that is testing a number of methods to build village RoSCAs (Rotating Savings and Credit Associations) that would enhance micro savings and borrowing among villagers. The objective is to enhance access to finance among the villagers, while building on their capacities, without pushing them into debt traps.

Project Name: Capacity Building for Egyptian Microfinance

Inception date: June 2013

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: IT solutions from Microsoft to empower MFIs

Partner(s): Egyptian Microfinance Network, Microsoft

Countries covered: Egypt

Description: To provide IT software from Microsoft to MFIs, in addition to developing new software for loan tracking to automate management and improve efficiency. In addition, the program will provide capacity building programs to support MFIs in helping startup entrepreneurs.

Project Name: Yomken

Inception date: January 2013

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: 6000 people engaged through volunteering activities, 750 MSEs supported through crowdfunding

Partner(s): Yomken

Countries covered: Egypt

Description: Support to the development and expansion of Yomken operations for their crowdfunding and open innovation services.

Project Name: Rural Youth Economic Empowerment through Community Development Associations

Inception date: September 2013

Current status: Active

Expected outcomes: The overall goal of the project is to increase youth economic access for 10,000 youth over three years through strengthened Community Development Associations (CDAs)

Partner(s): Plan Egypt / Plan Canada, Making Cents International, IFAD

Countries covered: Egypt

Description: Provision of support to CDAs and the Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) which they serve to provide a package of training, business development services and financing solutions to youth.