Sustainable Jobs

Clinique Internationale Hannibale (CIH)

Partnerships with socially conscious fund managers like TunInvest allow Silatech to invest in sustainable, high quality jobs. With funding from TunInvest, the Clinique Internationale Hannibale (CIH) has created around 400 jobs, provides a model for paramedical employment, and offers health services for the region.

Opened in 2011, the Clinique Internationale Hannibale (CIH) treatment center offers full medical care services, including surgical facilities, in three key areas: oncology, cardiology and general surgery and orthopedics. With a total capacity of over 160 beds, the Clinique has created a mode of quality paramedical employment (nurses and technical staff) that can become a model for Tunisia and other countries in the region.

The Clinique addresses a strong and increasing demand for high quality medical services, especially cancer treatment but also cardiology, neonatology, orthopedics and general surgery. It is part of the Tunisian Health Care Centres (THCC) group, which aims to provide healthcare services to neighboring African countries and southern European countries for specific diseases, and to encourage a “reverse brain drain,” bringing competent Tunisian doctors back to Tunisia.

Through targeted seed investments to catalyze high-skilled, quality job creation in strategic sectors, Silatech and partners are working to open up doors of opportunity for young Arabs like Manel and Iman.

Sustainable Jobs

Medical technicians working in Tunisia's Clinique Internationale Hannibale.