Empowering Entrepreneurs

Work from the Heart

Ziad Sankari was just 17 when he lost his father to a heart attack. Now, this 26-year-old Lebanese biomedical engineer is CEO of his own company, CardioDiagnostics, which manufactures his own invention, a Cardiac Early-Failure-Prediction Monitoring System. The device combines heart monitoring, GPS tracking and a specialized program to analyze cardio data and notify medical authorities with location information when a patient might be in danger of cardiac arrest.

In Spring 2012, CardioDiagnostics qualified to be eligible for funding through Silatech’s angel investment network, to be launched in full later in 2012. The network will match startup and early stage entrepreneurs with influential, high-net-worth individuals positioned to become “business angels.”

The platform will originally be based out of Qatar, and will ultimately expand to include other countries within the region as well. Silatech’s SME Development team is leading the initiative and acting as an institutional angel, supporting the model with a “seed fund” that will serve entrepreneurs and lay a strong foundation for the model’s future implementation throughout the region. The network itself is by various educational and awareness programs directed towards entrepreneurs and prospective “business angels,” helping to influence the local culture and mindset to become more supportive of entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Ziad Sankari with his invention, a GPS-linked medical device that can monitor cardiac patients outside the hospital around the clock.