Research & Policy

We undertake research and mobilize knowledge in order to improve the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of youth-serving programs from Silatech and others, facilitate the upscaling of successful initiatives, and identify and advocate for policy changes that improve youth economic outcomes.

Innovative, evidence-based programming and policymaking are essential to addressing the Arab youth employment challenge. Silatech’s Research and Policy Unit works in close collaboration with Silatech’s Employment and Enterprise Development program units to provide information that can be used to improve program design and enhance impact. The Unit mobilizes and disseminates knowledge to highlight innovative thinking and promote best practices in expanding economic opportunities for Arab youth. We inform policy and engage in advocacy efforts that aim to improve the employment prospects of Arab youth.

In line with these efforts, Silatech’s Research and Policy Unit comprises two key program areas: the Research program and the Policy program.

The Research Program

Silatech engages in applied research that results in more effective program activities by Silatech and partner organizations, and that aims to inform policy engagement activities on job creation and youth economic inclusion. Most of the research output is produced for internal consumption, but some products can be accessed online at

Research program activities center on three main areas:

Informing program design: Silatech’s research supports the design of innovative approaches to addressing the youth employment challenge.

Informing program impact: Silatech supports impact evaluations of its programs and those of partner organizations, in order to identify which solutions work best and which may require redesign.

Informing policy programming: Silatech undertakes research to inform policy development in target countries, focusing mainly on improving the business climate and promoting job creation.

The Policy Program

There is a lack of evidence-based policy making in the Arab region as a result of insufficient understanding of the policy making process, a lack of channels for research to inform the policymaking process, and a lack of actionable policy alternatives at the disposal of policy makers. The Policy program uses evidence produced by Silatech and others to inform policy making, and to support the identification, replication and scaling up of successful youth programming throughout the region.

The policy program’s activities center on three main areas:

Silatech programmatic support: The Policy track supports Silatech’s program units by undertaking mappings of stakeholders and policies related to youth employment and private sector development.

Innovation to scale up: In order to achieve wider impact, the Policy program works to encourage the replication and scale up of initiatives that have been shown to be successful.

Research to policy: Silatech produces research and mobilizes knowledge to inform policy and programming, and a special focus is given to supporting governments wishing to develop national youth employment programs and strategies.