Knowledge & Research

Knowledge is a key catalyst in producing effective job creation and enterprise development opportunities. Accordingly, Silatech has brought together a network of leading researchers, practitioners and institutions to serve as a focal point of scholarship, action-oriented research and regional and global best practices to support youth empowerment in the Arab world. Silatech-commissioned research focuses on practical contributions to regional and country-level job creation and enterprise development efforts. Silatech-commissioned research also explores the effectiveness of different policies and approaches to supporting young people, tracks youth attitudes and economic status, stimulates financial access for youth and youth-led enterprises, and generates strategies for scaling successful initiatives.

Program Support

Silatech's programs are supported by research and knowledge management services that enhance their efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. These services inform project design, scalability and replicability.

Silatech research also informs policy, mindset and programs across the region by generating baseline data, producing and disseminating research on youth economic inclusion, building local capacity to utilize research in formulating sound policy and practice, and organizing local and regional events to share knowledge, inform public discourse and showcase successful programs.

Taqeem Fund

Silatech research aims to build the capacity of organizations to digest information and use it effectively to improve policy and practice. The Taqeem Fund raises awareness of the importance of monitoring and evaluation among NGOs and increases their capacity to develop and use monitoring and evaluation tools.

Tracking Youth Perspectives

We believe that the voices of young people are a critical component that must be incorporated into strategies being developed for job creation and youth engagement. Accordingly, Silatech works with international and regional partners to follow the pulse of youth in the region, conducting surveys to measure their aspirations, challenges, and perspectives on a variety of economic and social issues.

Silatech has partnered with Gallup to produce the Silatech Index, which has gained recognition globally and in the MENA region as an authoritative amplifier for the opinions of young Arabs.