Building Capacity

Scaling up for Impact

Young people in the Arab world commonly lack access to career guidance, skills development, and work experience. Recognizing the scale of the challenge, Silatech has adopted a two-pronged strategy of empowering local partners and providing innovative technological platforms.

We provide colleges, universities and NGOs with specialized training in the Tamheed career guidance program. Tailored specifically for the Arab world, Tamheed includes online psychometric and language assessments, a career advising framework, and training and capacity building for career advisors. Youth workers can be trained to become Tamheed advisors in less than a week, creating a large pool of certified advisors offering personalized career advice based on scientific reports. Since its launch, Tamheed has been used by thousands of young people across Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Tunisia and Qatar, and we plan to expand the program to benefit over 20,000 Arab youth by 2013.

Physical centers are limited in their reach and scalability, so we rely heavily on technology to provide youth with access to employability services. In April 2012, we partnered with Microsoft to launch, Egypt’s first national employability portal, linking Egyptian youth to career guidance, training, eLearning, work readiness and internship and job opportunities. We plan to roll out a region-wide portal over the next two years.

Building Capacity

A one-on-one Tamheed advisor training session.