CSR Advisory

In keeping with a renewed emphasis on engaging with the private sector, in 2012 Silatech has initiated a program to advise companies, organizations and investors on how to make their business strategies and investments more “youth friendly.”

Large-scale development projects require skilled labor, and have the potential to create large numbers of jobs, both directly and indirectly. Our approach is to invest in both the short-term opportunities for young people seeking work on the projects themselves, as well as in their longer term employability as they gain skills, certifications and work experience. As our work in CSR Advisory Services begins to shape employment, procurement and other corporate policies, our employment programming will link youth from their respective entry points—via guidance and employability programs—to specific opportunities on these projects.

CSR Toolkit

To date, very little practical information exists in a digestible format that would help private sector companies in the region tailor their corporate citizenship programs specifically toward benefiting young people. To help fill this gap, Silatech plans to develop and publish a comprehensive CSR guide / toolkit which will provide concrete ideas for companies on how to develop specific commitments, strategies and action plans for implementing youth-friendly CSR initiatives.

Corporate Citizenship Advisory Services

For companies interested in supporting the youth agenda, Silatech plans to offer a range of advisory services delivered via a network of experts and consultants. Such advisory services could include:

  • Providing companies with a list and standard terms of reference for pre-qualified CSR partners who are “ready to engage” throughout the MENA region
  • Analysis of the “as is” situation and needs assessment (social and economic impact), including preparation of baseline CSR studies
  • Assisting companies in the development of their CSR strategies and/or design of specific CSR initiatives with an emphasis on youth empowerment
  • Planning and implementation of CSR commitments
  • Monitoring and evaluation of CSR activities and provision of M&E toolkits to companies to carry out the same
  • Reporting on and communicating of CSR activities

  • Contact Us

    If you represent a private sector company interested in structuring your CSR program to most effectively benefit Arab youth, Silatech can help. Contact us directly at info@silatech.com.