What We Do

The Silatech Approach

Connect beginning entrepreneurs with financing and assistance

We work with banks and other financial institutions to open up much-needed finance opportunities for young entrepreneurs, while providing young entrepreneurs with training and other support to help their new businesses succeed.

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Help job seekers choose the right career

Through a combination of psychometric testing and individual counseling offered through trained partners, we open the eyes of young job seekers to a world of career opportunities, while helping them to choose the one which best fits their individual personality and the practicalities of the job market.

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Spur investment in job-creating small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs)

We partner with socially-conscious investment funds to create sustainable, quality jobs by investing in selected SMEs, supporting them with business development services, and helping to open up new markets for their goods and services.

For more information about Silatech’s SME Development program, click here.

Boost employability skills among young people

We provide young people with the skills and experience they need to be productive employees or successful entrepreneurs. We do this through training programs, as well as through mentoring, volunteering and internship opportunities.
For more information about Silatech’s Employability program, click here.

Advocate job-creating governmental policies

Informed governmental policies are essential to shaping an environment conducive to job creation and economic opportunity, so Silatech advocates effective employment policy to government officials, while bringing the private and public sectors, research institutions, NGOs and multilateral organizations, young people and the media together to discuss youth-related policy issues.

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Advise corporations on youth-friendly CSR practice

We advise companies on how to shape sustainable and profitable human resources, procurement and other corporate policies that help young Arabs gain jobs, work skills, qualifications, and practical, on-the-job experience.

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Change regional mindsets on youth and work

We influence public attitudes on the potential of young people, the value of hard work, the opportunities present in various types of employment and self-employment, and the need for enlightened policy change.

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Commission practical, action-oriented research

Silatech commissions research that explores the effectiveness of different policies and approaches to supporting young people, generates effective strategies for upscaling successful initiatives, and tracks the attitudes and economic situation of young people in the Arab world.

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Build the capabilities of youth organizations

Silatech works with non-political youth organizations to build their effectiveness and capability, helping to ensure that young Arabs have their own institutions allowing them to play a productive role in civil society.

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