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  • Supporting sustainable youth enterprises
    Suitable Youth Enterprises
  • Connect arab youth with job market
    Arab Youth with Job Market
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Youth unemployment in the MENA region is still the highest of any region in the world.

* 29%
In the second quarter of 2016, Silatech has achieved many milestones:

0 thousand Youth businesses financed/supported


0 thousand Youth jobs created or sustained


$0 million Raised in partner co-funding


0 International, regional and local partners serving youth

* As per the International Labour Organization

What we do?

We work to develop Arab societies and improve the living conditions of its segments through reducing Youth unemployment. We mobilize needed resources to connect Arab youth with real jobs opportunities to help them develop their future and divert them from taking wrong paths through launching and sustaining innovative initiatives and programs.


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We can work together to find solutions to face the socio-economic challenges facing Arab youth.
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